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Our new exclusive distribution partners in Leipzig: Catch as Catch Can!
Next appearance in Budapest: Rácskert ÖkoDesign vásár,
and, finally, we upgraded our online sales, now you can finally browse and buy from right here >>


Always wanted a light, eco-chick summer piece, but didn’t find an upcycled one? Finally, Plastenka delivers them, too!

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in 2015, Plastenka started making a new series of products, this time out of discarded tobacco paper. Hand-made from start to finish with traditional book-binding technique! Available in our webshop! New items of the 2016 collection coming soon! In the meantime, you can check out last year’s other hot new items: the tobacco pouches!
IMG_8659IMG_8664tabac_bücherIMG_8653707699 (2)699701 (2)701703 (2)703707 (2)


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2015 collection

012 Unbenannt-6 övt zöld10 Unbenannt-9 backpack
8 Unbenannt-8 sidebag6 Unbenannt-25 Unbenannt-3
4 Unbennant -41712 Unbenannt-7 övt virág
backbackh14 Unbenannt-10 wallet

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Underground windows

Between 2010 and 2014, thanks to Publimont kft, Epamedia and BKV, we created these installations in Budapest underground empty corridors. Participating artists: Laczkó Juli, Halasi Dániel, Harkai Doma, Öhlmann István, Tanja Topolovec és Goran Goldin.

IMG_2642wall 1IMG_1322
1602144601602143707901279 (2)

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No Corruption by Róza El-Hassan


A pilot project: No Corruption Bags – WICKER LAPTOP BAGS – WICKER SUITCASE- WICKER. A cooperation piece from the project of El-Hassan Róza and her team from 2011: http://roza-el-hassan.blogspot.de/2011/11/new-modells-from-no-corruption-social.html


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Beenbags for sale by Plastenka!

for more information, please email us


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Plastenka’s summer workshops!

workshop @ Ecopolitical summer school in Hungary 2012,
and of Peralta Junction Carneval in San Francisco 2012:

Hetesi_141Sípos György(Másolás)P1010047
P1010045Sípos György_1373 (Másolás)Sípos György_1301 (Másolás)

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