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Meet us in December at the following spots with customisable vouchers and astonishing Xmas discounts:

Ship Trunk popup store, the whole month;
Kelet kávézó Stúdió,  16 December, part of the project Bartók Béla Boulevard;
Wamp, 17 December, along the upcycled jewellery brand Licorice,
and in Berlin (Prenzlauerberg) on the shelves of the amazing OMGXmasspopupshow!

Shop responsibly!
Look for presents to please not only your beloved ones but future generations as well.


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Catch as Catch Can! is our exclusive distribution partner in Leipzig.
They also came up with some amazing co-designs:

Always wanted a light, eco-chick summer piece, but didn’t find an upcycled one? Finally, Plastenka delivers them, too!

in 2015, Plastenka started making a new series of products, this time out of discarded tobacco paper. Hand-made from start to finish with traditional book-binding technique! Available in our webshop! New items of the 2016 collection coming soon! In the meantime, you can check out last year’s other hot new items: the tobacco pouches!