Firstname kereső son. Names of women in late 16th century Hungarian court records from Transylvania


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    Names of women in late 16th century Hungarian court records from Transylvania by Julia P. These records were written in a mixture of Latin and Hungarian, often switching languages mid-sentence or even mid-phrase.

    The cases recorded range from disagreements over property, to hiring of lawyers, to witness statements in criminal prosecutions.

    According to the introduction, the transcription is fairly faithful: abbreviations are silently expanded or standardized, capitalization and other punctuation follows modern conventions, and diacritics are simplified due to typographic constraints for example, ý, ÿ, and y with a single dot above are rendered as either ÿ or plain y, depending on contextbut spelling is otherwise unchanged from the manuscript.

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    The material is presented chronologically by numbered files or notebooks. Each file can consist of multiple cases, and some cases are spread over multiple files.

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    I used the index of people and places to write out all of the feminine names found in the text, discovering and correcting some indexing errors along the way. This article consists of a quick overview of feminine names, a list of given names with a frequency table, a discussion of name structures with examples and a note on marital namesand a spreadsheet containing the full names.

    Analysis and translation of the surnames will be a project for another day. A Quick Overview of 16th c. Hungarian Feminine Names Just like boys, Hungarian girls were given a single name at birth or baptism, and got their family names from their fathers: Cybre Anna and her younger brother Cybre Ambrus presumably had a father with the surname Cybre a type of sour soup.

    During his husband's reign she did not intervene in the politics of the kingdom, but after his death on 31 Mayher influence strengthened over their son, King Stephen III. The young king had to struggle against his uncles Ladislaus and Stephen to save his throne, and Euphrosyne took an active part in the struggles. Euphrosyne's favourite son was the youngest, Duke Géza. However, Béla came back, and he was crowned on 13 January although the Archbishop Lukas of Esztergom denied his coronation.

    In Hungarian writing, as in speech, the family name preceded the given name. Sometimes translation changed only the order, because the given name was the same in both languages: Cybre Anna would be Anna Cybre in Latin.

    Depending on context, she could use both her married and her full maiden name together e. Dios Ferenczne Cybre Annaor her married name with just her given name e.

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    Dios Ferenczne Annaor just her married name, or just her maiden name. Many sources use uxor, but the court records presented here favor consors, with a few other possibilities: the woman named Fanchaly Martonne Katalin in one place is called coniunx Marthini Fanchalj Catherina elsewhere.

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    In some smaller firstname kereső son, family names were rare, and literal bynames were used instead: Szentkirali Gaspar, ki lakott vgian az meg nevezett Zentkiraly falvaban Gaspar Simon, ki fia volt Zentkirali Gasparnak. En penig, Simon Janos, Gaspar Simon fia vagiok Simon Caspar, who was the firstname kereső son of Caspar of Szentkirály.

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    Feminine Given Names Notation: headers are in brackets, and use the modern standard spellings of the names as a guide to pronunciation. Numbers in parentheses are item numbers, referring to the spreadsheet of full names.

    Name Frequency by modern, standard form unknown given name.

    Ország neve a fénykép készültekor: Romania Ország neve ma:: Ukraine This is my mother, Sara Hudi Seiler, nee Sternschein, when she was 16, with her parents, Michael Sternschein and his wife. I don? This photo was taken before mother went to Germany for the first time, to her sister Grete, to have her strabismus surgically removed. The photo was taken in the garden where they lived.