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    Fashion wasn't just fun for the princess, it was also a way of sending a message and a weapon - especially in the years after her separation and divorce from Prince Charles. Infor example, the princess strutted into a function at the Serpentine wearing a black figure-hugging ruched mini dress from Greek designer Christina Stambolian.

    Princess Diana arriving at the Serpentine Gallery Image: Getty Images But there was one designer item which she stopped wearing after she and Charles called time on their marriage.

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    Chanel shoes. It was nothing that the uber-luxe fashion house had done. Instead, it was who their logo brought to mind for Diana.

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    In Diana was on a trip to Australia, where she got talking to designer Jayson Brundson, ans revealed she refused to wear Chanel shoes because the double C reminded her of Charles and Camilla. It was all about her ex-husband's new relationship Image: The heartwarming reason why Princess Diana stopped wearing gloves in public "It was definitely the timing, it being post-divorce," he told Harper's Bazaar.

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    The shoes were quite boldly Chanel, I think they had gold linked Cs on them.