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How do I get a VAT invoice?

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Invoices issued by Mobiliti are always VAT invoices, so it is not necessary to request them separately. When will I receive the invoice for my charging? In accordance with the legal regulations, we send out the electronic invoice for the last period's chargings in the morning on the 1st, 8th, 16th and 24th day of each month through the system of számlázz.

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The subscription can be started at any time and is valid for days. After that, the subscription will not be renewed automatically. After a successful subscription, the expiration date will also be displayed in the Mobiliti application.

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Exactly since when is the subscription valid? After a successful withdrawal, the activation of the IONITY Tariff plan also takes only társkereső scout24 few seconds longer than for the subscription to the Mobiliti package.

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What happens if my subscription request fails for any reason? If it is not possible to deduct the fee of the tariff plan from the given bank card because of lack of cover or due to online purchase limit settings, we provide information about mourningness ismerősének in an error message in the app.

If after the successful collection of the fee the confirmation of the activation of the tariff plan is not received from the IONITY system, the subscription itself will not be created either, we will transfer the annual subscription fee deducted from the card to our Customer's bank account within a few days. How many times must mourningness ismerősének request be confirmed before deducting the fee, can an accidental subscription be cancelled, or can it be modified?

When subscribing to IONITY Tariff Plans, during selection and payment please treat it with circumspection, because despite the significant fee of the tariff plan, the deduction of the subscription fee only needs mourningness ismerősének be confirmed once, after which the credit card will be charged.

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In case of a successful tariff plan subscription, we no longer have the possibility to modify, cancel or subsequently mourningness ismerősének the selected tariff plan and credit the tariff plan fee. Due to the one-year subscription, it is not possible to change the successfully subscribed tariff plan, it is not possible to reduce the already subscribed tariff plan to a smaller or switch to bigger.

After the subscription, will the charging fee displays on the Ionity charger data sheet be changed according to the tariff plan? Yes, in case of a successful subscription, the IONITY charger data sheet shows the fees corresponding to the chosen tariff plan. Please always check that the appropriate charges appear on the charger data sheets before starting IONITY chargings, if you see incorrect data, please report it to our Customer Service help mobiliti. Are there any limits on the number of chargings per day or geographical location?

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There are no restrictions. What exactly does it mean that a charging initiated with an IONITY subscription is also considered a roaming charging?

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The use of the Hungarian chargers of the IONITY network is always considered as a domestic roaming charging even in the case of using the Ionity tariff planso the tariff applied in Mobiliti's own charging network does not apply to the chargings. For a detailed description of the Egyetlen dorfen charging, see the Roaming Service page.

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If I have a problem charging, who can help me? In the event of any charging problems, IONITY's own customer service will provide assistance by telephone, which can be found on the charger.

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