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    Country of Applicant: Venezuela Date: Country of Decision: United Kingdom Rantasa menyasszonyok Dublin Transfer, Effective access to procedures, Effective remedy right toUnaccompanied minor The Court of Appeal found the "one-off" expedited procedure in place from in Calais for unaccompanied children with family members, siblings or relatives in the UK and operated by the British and French authorities to fall below the requirements of procedural fairness as a matter of common law.

    Date: Country of Decision: Denmark Country of Applicant: Uganda Keywords: Discrimination, Membership of a particular social group, Refugee Status, Relevant Facts, Sexual orientation, Well-founded fear The applicant, an ethnic Samia and Christian Protestant from Mukono, Uganda, became aware of his sexual orientation when he was between 7 and 9 years old and has had several both short and longer relations with men.

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    The Refugee Appeals Board accepted the applicants account which included imprisonment and physical and sexual abuse as well as harassment by village locals. Consequently, the Board found that the applicant was at risk of persecution by his family and locals against which no protection by the authorities could be obtained.

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    Therefore, the applicant was granted refugee The authorities were instructed to re-assess the applications and to move the claimants to accommodation facilities outside the transit zone.

    Date: Country of Decision: France Country of Applicant: Sudan Keywords: Dublin Transfer, Effective access to procedures, Inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Material reception conditions, Reception conditions, Request venezuela nő search take back There are systemic deficiencies in the Italian asylum procedure and in its reception conditions for asylum applicants which amount to inhuman or degrading treatment.

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