Are all Plastenka’s products upcylced?
Yes, each and every product is made of plastic trash. With some we reserve the original material after cleaning, and with UTOPLAST, we create a new material from different plastic layers.

What is upcylcing after all? How does it relate to recycling?
Recycling is any form of creating a new object from another one claimed useless before. With downcycling, you do this by creating a more simple material, a base for new products. With upcycling, you raise the walue of the waste product by breaking the it down to simple materials and creating a new product with that material.

Where can I buy your products?

You’ll find us at the best design markets in Leipzig and Budapest, and
our webshop
Catch as Catch Can, Leipzig
WildWood Galery & Store, Kassel, DE

How about guarantee and maintenance?
Our materials are completely waterproof, most are water-resistant as well; heatproof until 50 Celsius. During production, we use no chemicals whatsoever, so with some materials you may experience the paint wear of with daily use, not affecting functional quality. Half year free repair guarantee is given to each product based on serial number & receipt.

Where are the materials from?
We collected recyclable plastic trash from eco-conscious restaurants and coffes like CsigaSzimpla HáztájiKiadó,  MÜSZI and Mikszáth tér 3. If you want to join and collect coffe bags, plastic bags, tobacco pouches, petfood bags for us, drop us a line to plastenka.recycle@gmail.com and get 10% discount on any purchase!

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