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Kate, ebben a kempingben, itt: június 5,1 Együtt utazó társaság: Baráti társaság I tried sending this to the campsite first but got no response so here was our experience of this campsite: I wanted to write to communicate how disappointed we were with our stay.

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I would have spoken to the staff on site during the stay but every time 6 times I went to the office I queued for over 15 minutes and still was waiting so I gave up. If we could have moved on, we would have, but needed to be specific location. It is NOT a 5 star campsite.

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Your website is utterly misleading as to the quality of the site. I was completely upset during my stay as we have visited multiple 5 star sites all over France and this was totally the worst one.

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There was no policing of the rules at all. Loud music past midnight, kids running around the site screaming, the behaviour of people at the pool was disgraceful. Kids throwing balls at people, inflatables, jumping in deliberately splashing people, running up and down waterslides, going backwards down them.

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It was disgraceful 5. The showers are cleaned at 8am - exactly the time people want to use them. It made us late for a meeting two days in a row. There was poo on the floors of the toilets and they are filthy and in terrible disrepair - absolutely not 5 stars 7. The toilets were shut for 24 hours with no signs, warning and this was unacceptable as we were a very long walk to the other toilets in the middle of the night.

Outdoor sinks were never cleaned.

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The river section of the pool never worked the entire stay There is a hornets nest in the tunnel of the pool. No temp control on showers is terrible - they are either freezing or too hot to go under so we could barely shower. You do not have enough staff to manage a site of this size - waiting for 15 mins to get your shower fob to work is unacceptable. We recently visited a 5 star in Ile de Re which was spectacular in comparison to yours and half the price.

I feel so sad to have had our holiday ruined by all meeting nő 50 éves elzász rubbish.

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James Boughton, ebben a kempingben, itt: augusztus 5,1 Együtt utazó társaság: Család 4 éves gyermekekkel I would give this place less than one star if I could! We booked 14 nights but could only stick 9 of them as it was noisy every night until the early hours! Loads of feral kids running riot shouting and screaming.

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Meeting nő 50 éves elzász were forced to camp at the side of a main thoroughfare and had many cars and 'spectators' passing whilst trying to enjoy our food! Swimming park is too overcrowded, unmanaged small and cold, one of our children caught a chill and the other caught verrucas! Indoor swimming pool not finished even though website says it should have been.

Not worth the 5 star rating it supposedly has and very expensive for what we got!

No toilet rolls, soap, hot water in sinks or hand dryers. Showers are cold and dirty and over crowded.

meeting nő 50 éves elzász

This is rough camping in my opinion and don't even mention the gnat bites! Pleased to get home! Ismail Aydemir, ebben a kempingben, itt: május 6,9 Együtt utazó társaság: Párok There is no soap and no toilet papers in toilets, no hot water adjustment in showers. I don't know how this campsite got 4 stars with this sanitary Yearly inspected Ez az ellenőr minden évben felkeresi a z Kemping La Vallée de Deauville kempinget és több mint szolgáltatás és ellátás szempontjából ellenőrzi.

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