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Unlike manual lubrication, over-lubrication or lubrication starvation can be prevented. Well-thought-out lubrication strategies have a great influence on extending the service life of greased bearings.

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The diagram below highlights the causes of premature bearing failures. Reliable supply of fresh lubricant to lubrication points High equipment availability with permanent relubrication Reduction in maintenance costs and unscheduled machine downtimes perma prevents singles bad rodach from liquids and dirt particles Contamination due to water and solids speeds up wear and shortens bearing service life.

By applying fresh lubricant, perma automatic lubrication systems prevent ingress of liquids, dirt and dust, thus increasing bearing service life.

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Constant automatic lubrication minimises premature wear and downtimes. Expensive repair and maintenance costs are reduced.

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High equipment availability through automation Maintenance intervals can be scheduled during downtimes Reduction in repair and maintenance costs Management of lubrication points with lubrication systems using free perma MLP Software Cost savings with automatic lubrication Comparing manual lubrication with perma lubrication shows savings potential in different areas.

Reduction of time spent in hard-to-access dangerous areas Lubrication systems prevent direct contact with hazardous lubricants Reduction of slipping accidents caused by lubricant contamination Environmental protection perma — certified environmental management system The perma environmental management system is certified to DIN EN ISO Lubricant consumption is reduced by matching the lubricant quantity to the mezőgazdasági menyasszonyok application.

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Reusable, environmentally friendly components will help to minimise energy and material costs in your company. Reduction of lubricant consumption with needs-based metering No lubricant contamination thanks to enclosed systems Reusable components help minimise energy and material costs The perma environmental management system is certified to DIN EN ISO

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